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More than 30,000 items Women's, men's, children's clothing, shoes and accessories

No need to purchase goods.
Make sales without investing in the purchase of goods

Easy upload.
Just upload our catalog via CSV-files, XLSX-files or via REST-API

More than 30,000 products for your online store

Easy integration with various shop systems and well-known marketplaces

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on Magento, Shopify, Shopware, Wordpress and self-written systems


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Online shop + dropshipping

Ideal for those who want to start their own business

You can:

  • Quickly organize your own business without serious investment
  • Sell dropshipping products in your online shop in just 7 days
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses and save on warehouse rent and manager salaries
  • Determine your own working hours without being torn between family and work.

Ideal for those who already have their own online store.

You can:

  • Expand your range with high-quality and trendy goods
  • Sell dropshipping products within 7 days
  • Upload our catalog to your online shop with one click
  • Receive profit for processing orders while we take care of shipping orders

How do you use dropshipping for your sales?

Upload the catalog with our products to your online store
Your customers choose a product, buy and pay for it
We ship the order to your buyer on your behalf
A satisfied customer will come back to you for another purchase!

We care about your convenience and income

All collections are formed taking into account the wishes of your clients
We will notify you in advance about new products in the range
All products comply with international standards
Without investment, you pay for goods that your customers have already bought

More than 50 online stores and sellers are already cooperating with us on the Dropshipping system.

We respect each of our partners, therefore we do not disclose the details of our cooperation. With us you can be sure that your customers and competitors will not learn about your suppliers and the terms of delivery of goods.

How is it beneficial to you?

It is fast!

The preparation of an online shop usually takes two to six months. With our solution, you can start selling in a week.

It saves money!

The cost of developing an online shop starts at $60 per hour. Your total expenditure can be over 10,000$. With RBSHOP you save your initial investment

It is easy!

With RBSHOP you don't have to get to know the technical intricacies of an online shop first. Everything is intuitive and easy to configure.

Dropshipping subscription

1 month 6 months (-15%) 12 months (-30%)
Women full catalog €50 €300 €255 €600 €420
one of the categories (shoes, clothing, accessories) €20 €120 €102 €248 €168
Men full catalog €50 €300 €255 €600 €420
one of the categories (shoes, clothing, accessories) €20 €120 €102 €248 €168
Kids full catalog €50 €300 €255 €600 €420
one of the categories (shoes, clothing, accessories) €20 €120 €102 €248 €168
Allinclusive €130 €663 €1092
You don't need to invest in purchasing goods
We send the orders directly to your customer
You just process the orders and make a profit


To open your online shop, all you have to do is register on our website. You get access to the free version of the online store and clear instructions on how to set it up. You can check all the features of our solution before you buy, and our technical support will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Not only did we develop a ready-made solution for an online shop, we have been using it in our own store for more than three years. We know the characteristics of selling goods online and have developed a solution that is convenient for both buyers and store owners. Our solution is constantly being updated and we are adding new features to make your online shop even faster and more convenient.

In addition, the finished solution is more profitable than developing an online store from scratch. This saves you a lot of time and money, which you can instead invest in advertising and customer acquisition.

Yes, you can upload your own products to the online shop. You can also customize your products manually or use ready-to-use solutions.

In this case, we recommend using the dropshipping service available to our partners. We offer you a catalog in a practical format. You can upload it to your online shop with one click.

How the system works:

  1. Your customer buys a product on your website at your retail price and pays you the full amount.
  2. You forward your order to us and you pay us the wholesale price of the item. The price difference is your profit.
  3. We put your order together, pack it and send it directly to your customer. We do not include an invoice in the order and ship in neutral packaging.
  4. The customer receives their product and returns to your online shop for new purchases.

You can add products to the online shop both manually and automatically. It only takes a few minutes in automatic mode. If you need help, you can always contact our support team.

The online store is yours, so you get the money from the customer. After placing the order, the customer is asked to select one of the payment options and pays for his order.

You choose the domain of your future online shop yourself. The cost of a domain name and hosting are already included in the monthly fee.

Domain name and hosting fees for your online shop are already included in the subscription fee. You will not be charged a subscription fee for the online shop within 90 days. Additional financial costs can only arise from attracting new customers to your online shop.

All common payment methods (Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, bank transfer, SEPA direct debit, etc.) are already integrated in your online shop. All you have to do is add your account details.

Yes, you can order a unique design for your online shop. We will develop it individually for you. Depending on the complexity, it takes between 5-10 hours and costs around € 50 per hour, but you can adjust the colors, fonts, start page and texts in the basic version of the online shop.

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